Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There has never been a time when this was not one of my favorite songs. I heard it when I was younger but connected to it for some reason...something about the idea of being fallible (though I'm sure I ain't really get what the song was about).

I just watched the DVD The Human League: Live at the Dome this past weekend. In it, it's stated that this song was not really a Human League song. Listening to it again and finally hearing some of their other music, I agree completely. It's not HL, but it is one of the best Jimmy & Terry* songs EVER.

Interesting interview on the DVD. Frankly, I'd skip the actual performance. I think it just serves to show how the heavily electric music is not best suited to live performance...not synth pop anyway (not much for a musician to do) AND that you shouldn't shoot the concert video on the last day of a long tour (damn, Philip Oakey, what happened to that high note). They didn't really build a stage show so....just listen to yer vinyl or magnetic tape.

Sometime between yesterday and today on the bus, I realized that I have lived this song out - if not in quotes, at least line by line.

Then again, maybe most of us have.

*Why did they never do a producer album? Is there a Jimmy and Terry greatest hits set? I think they and Alexander O'Neal** should get their lifetime achievement awards the same night.

**I just looked at the wiki entry for O'Neal. I didn't know he worked with JJ & TL (though it figures, the similarity in their sound is hard to miss)


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