Friday, February 08, 2008

For me, the problem

with the metaphor is that it's the "building" that's in the bag, not the cookies. The misdirected elements "building" and "bag" in their poor use weaken the usefulness of "cookies" as a symbol.

...not that he and great writing are traditionally associated.

Other news:
Just so we're clear, the Giants have officially overplayed the "underdog, 18-1 giant-killer, nobody believed us" thing with that goofy stomp performed in front of city hall. From this point on, it's whining - trophy or no trophy.

And shouldn't we have known that the Patriots were doomed the second it was obvious that Brady'd begun enjoying the media's brie*?

(* in the event you wanted to see what a metaphor looks like that requires thought, but maintains relation)

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