Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This morning, I awoke, realizing that I'd fallen asleep with the TV on; thinking that I'd only been asleep for two hours...

But it was closer to 6.

At first this was a pleasant thought. I've been wanting to get on a more regular sleep schedule.

Then I remembered that I was purposely trying not to fall asleep because I has something COOKING on the range.

I got up, went to the kitchen - no burning smell, the pan I was using was in the sink and the bowl I'd taken out was gone. I assumed the roommate had intervened in my attempt to make a bonfire of the building. However, there were no remnants in the trash indicative of the event. I checked to see if he'd put the evidence in the fridge to microwave - nope.

Feeling MUCH like an ass, I assumed that he'd bagged it separately and thrown it down the chute, came back into the room

It was at this point that I saw the bowl I'd taken out sitting on my computer chair containing residue of what I'd had on the stove and believed myself to have fallen asleep making.

I thought that it might have been something I made earlier that day, but I remember this being the specific bowl I took out due to the chip on the rim and the ringing sound it makes when placed down due to a crack long hairline crack. I even specifically remember the one whole and two halves of bay leaf that I put in the pan that were in the bowl.

So, now, instead of being more relieved that I didn't put the building in danger, I'm seriously concerned that I have no recollection of getting up, putting this food in a bowl, returning to the room and eating it.

I've admitted to half-sleep eating before, but I usually have some cloudy memory of it. I have completely NO RECOLLECTION of this event. I even started considering the possibility of missing time...

or maybe this body is just getting old....wasted motion finally caught up....

hope there's no precipitation today. desperately need bike ride

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