Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Staten Island Ferry Hates Me

Generally speaking, the boat is a good method of transportation - except
on the weekends. For some reason I don't quite understand, the number of
canceled trips seems to skyrocket on days starting with "s".


I jumped in my truck and then hustled once parked to make the 5:30 boat.
I got into the terminal at about 5:25. Thinking that I was fortunate in
my timing. I headed toward the cafe/deli/whatever in the terminal for
some El Sabrosos (Salsitas or Guacachip both are great!). I got two steps in
and hear "attention passengers".

Now, "attention passengers" will either be something completely mundane
like "due to security measures, all passengers are subject to random
search..." or "the next boat will be arriving at door #...." etc., etc.

OR it can be "attention passengers due to unforeseen circumstances"....
The nature of said "circumstances" are only ever given if it's not the
boat's fault. This is usually either a "sick passenger" or "a police
action". Generally, however, you are not made privy to the nature of the
"unforeseen circumstances" - because somebody screwed up, and they don't
want to admit it.

Frankly, I don't care what the "circumstances" "are" because it all
means one thing to me: I'm going to be late or at least later than I'd
hoped to be....

So the announcement comes on and I say some expletive for which I
apologize to God 'cuz, you know, it's Sunday and I'm trying to not cuss
so much. I go outside and move around the observation terrace to try to
find out when the place I'm trying to get to is closing. I'm fairly
certain that it's hopeless, but I've learned to at least try.

So I'm outside moving from spot to spot a foot at a time like a
life-size chess king because cell service around each of the ferry
terminals is spotty on the VERY best day. I manage to get a signal and
call the place. It closes at 6:00. This just happens to be the same time
the next ferry leaves.


I decide to not make a complete waste of the day and go get a hero. I go
pick it up and drive back to the apartment. It was pretty nice out today
and I decide to eat it and listen to the radio. I do that. I head upstairs.

Now, my reason for eating (aside from the usual hunger) is that I want
to wait an hour then go for a bike ride before it gets dark. I decide
the best way to kill this time is to play old Sega games on my PC
(emulator software - I'll explain it some other time). While I'm at the PC I realize I left
my phone downstairs. I have the inkling to go get it, but I decide to
wait until I head down for the ride.

So, I play the game for a while and get pissed off 'cuz the bastard
won't let me win and realize that I ain't ridin' a damn thang today and
elect to do a load of laundry instead.

I go downstairs, pop that in and go grab my phone. I look and see I
missed a call from someone I told earlier I'd be heading to Manhattan. I
call her back - no answer. Then I see that I have new text messages. She
mentions that she's planning to crash somebody's bbq. I then get a call
from her from said bbq. She said it was at the house of some singer
named Jean Gray. *!*

She continues on and I find an opening to say, "you sure it's not the
Rapper Jean Grae?"

"Oh, it might be...."

I missed a chance to meet Jean Grae.

The staten island ferry hates me.

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