Saturday, August 06, 2005

The past week

Went to see March of the Penguins. It contains the best directed, least gratuitous love scene to ever leave an image on emulsion (aka: film).

After seeing said film, sat on a bench at 110th and B'Way 'til about two in the morning. During this time I witnessed my first purse-snatching. Didn't see the grab itself, but I saw this cat hot-footin' it across the street with these people hollering "thief" behind him. I thought for a moment if I should take chase (even though I was prolly too far away to help), but there was no need. The dude that was yelling "thief" was actually catching up to the snatcher. The really impressive part is that he was deccked out in full Ambercrombie regalia: worn baseball cap, polo and - I kid you not - flip-flops. He ran dude down in flip-flops. He had people applauding his performance; Jeremy Wariner's influence extends to public safety.

Day before yesterday: I was coming up from the train tunnel at South Ferry. A young black man asks me am I an Isrealite. This is due to the current state of my facial hair, where there's no mustache, but there is a beard (albeit a thin one). Why's this of note? Only because it's something I've not been asked before. Of course, you really have to see them preach on the street to understand...

Um, not much else. My checking account got down to $8.20. That's always fun.

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  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    the worst part of having a small child or being around one all the time is hearing cree summer's voice. all. the. time.

    h to the kizzay


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