Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, I'm starting yet another week off wack...

Was late to a meeting (that wouldn't have taken place on time anyway; still, me and tardiness MUST un-acquaint ourselves).

Didn't manage to yank my largess out of bed until 2pm today.

Just realized that, for at least the past few days, I've been handing out resumes that don't have any contact info on it.

In other news, this actually happened to me:

I was walking down a stairwell at the 14th St. orange line stop. I stopped halfway down to rethink getting on the subway. While I was in thought, a gentleman enters the stairwell and says:

"Yo, look out man. Watchya back, man, I gotta go."

And he begins urinating in the stairwell.

In one of those blissful hour-long 3 millisecond moments that we have where we realize what someone is doing/saying, it occurred to me to vacate. I think I did so in time to avoid splatter. Said gentleman did not appear to be homeless or particularly unstable.
So, New Yorkers really do treat the subway like a toilet.

Ingenious, I tell you. Ingenious.

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