Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My shoo 'sploded...

On my way to see about making some money wit UPS yesterday (aka: hustlin'), and I noticed my foot was feeling cold. Said to myself, "dag, I guess I shoulda worn the rain shoes" (cuz it was wet, not rainin' but wet). Then I realized it was only one foot that was moist.
I turned my foot over to check my shoe and it smiled back at me - the sole was cracked all the way from port to starboard. To make matters more fun, I had to go puddle-trudging around Canarsie for two more hours since the hayride known as the L train took an hour to get me from the Broadway Junction stop to 105th (me missing a stop was included in that, still...).
So I have to go buy some new shoes today. AND the UPS crap turned out to be for naught.

'Scuse me while I go ho.


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    How much do you charge? can I get a list of services with prices. . . you know like a menu.

  2. Unfortunately, due to security restrictions, we are not allowed to respond to anonymous posters with information about prostitution services.

  3. "bend over to the front...touch your toes..."

    sorry, i just had to do it. you know we hate lil' jon and them! : )

  4. You need some ad space cuz? I got a friend, Louis, I'm sure he'd be interested.

    I'm surprised you didn't go through a sole or two on the lot. I lost three pairs last year. And you know they kill a lot of cows for my shoes. That's why the cows are mad...I kept destroying my soles.

  5. Well, we all know, "ho"ing is what you do best! Is it still the same price!

  6. well it seems to me that it is established that you are looking to perform services for a price, why not just let the people know what it costs, i mean really mr. walker, perhaps you will raise enough money to replace your shoes.


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