Friday, September 24, 2004

Only 2 months in and Things Are Already getting Freudian

I had a non-successful audition for a part on a pilot (that I wasn't really right for yet still managed to get enthusiastic about) yesterday. I was feeling a mite fretful after it, so I came on back to the apartment and decided to get a couple of hours of sleep that may have done me some good prior to the audition.
I drank a ginger beer (that's not alcohol, Dad, calm down) and passed out. I then proceeded to have a dream where I had a chance meeting with Danny Glover and he told me to get in contact with his production company.
Wow...nothing like subconscious desperation.

Another way the world should change:
There should be a rule that an auditioner should not be allowed to end an audition with the phrase "see you later". It gives the chanceless actor something to hang a false hope on when they need to get focused on not sucking at the next audition.

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