Thursday, August 28, 2003

progression of the 'lock alternative

I relaxing on the ol' futon of soul(tm) checkin' TV and what not. For some reason, I thought about my naps and reached up there to see what was going on. So, I touched the top of my head and felt some hair sticking up. I rolled it up. A couple of minutes later I felt up there again and checked to see if there was anymore loose stuff. I came upon what felt to be a set of hairs naturally coiled together and went to the mirror to check it. Lo and behold I saw what looked just like a small yet burgeoning lock.
Unfortunately, it occured to me that that was the first set of hairs that I'd just twisted. It was still an encouraging glimpse into the possible future of the experiment currently underway on my head. I still wish my hair grew faster, though...

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